"Never be ashamed of a scar. It simply means that you were stronger than what tried to hurt you"

Blogashopper takes creative blogging to another level with motivational guest posts. We now introduce tons of wisdom to our readers through our inspirational guest blogs with a synopsis of their challenging journeys and how they overcame all the hardships to be successful individuals and make a difference to the world be spreading unlimited love and awareness. We welcome our wonderful guest, Lisa Cybaniak who shares her uplifting story with mind-blowing insights with us to create further awareness and stand-up for ourselves!


Lisa Cybaniak is a Motivational Speaker and Success Coach who empowers women to find their personal purpose after abuse, to build the life they deserve. Driven to shed the stigma of being abused by breaking her silence, Lisa uses her experiences of recovery from 10 years of child abuse to help others overcome their obstacles, redefining not only their career goals, but their mindset. Lisa’s focus is on teaching the power of understanding our core beliefs (often stemming from childhood), to make key changes, causing ground breaking transformation.To book Lisa to speak at your event, or to see how she can help you process your unique journey and transform your life to one of meaning, love and ultimate happiness, visit her website. You deserve it!

It seems everyone is boasting how having a positive mindset is benefiting their life. But, what does that mean, and how do you do it?

The Myth: Many people think to have a positive mindset means they have to always be super happy and excited about life, NO MATTER WHAT. Other emotions, like anger, sadness, frustration and anxiousness are thought to be emotions to avoid at all costs; that if you feel these ‘negative’ emotions, you’re a negative person. Personally, I believe that having a positive mindset is NOT about always feeling positive. Rather, it is about acknowledging and honouring all emotions and feelings, whist having the skills to turn the tables and seek the opportunity in all our experiences.


This week we at Blogashopper are making our guest blog slightly different by having a question-answer approach, so that our readers can enjoy all the advice that Hanna Salazar has to offer. Hanna Salazar is a Canadian motivational speaker who gives valuable insights on how to uplift your life.

I am Jeff Spires, an author, Confidence Coach and Motivational Strategist who has a deep-seated passion for helping people to create a new and inspiring identity for themselves. Using the latest research from the world of evidence-based Cognitive Therapy, Positive Psychology and Neuroscience, I am dedicated to helping each of my clients become the person that they know they are from within. 

I, Ailsa, live with Cerebral Palsy and wouldn't say that my disability is that severe because I can do a lot of things whereas there are people who are worse off than me. For example, one thing I can do and love doing is using my feet to utilize my computer! And that is exactly what I am doing now while typing this blog for you!