DO-IT-YOURSELF · 07.09.2018
Wouldn’t you wish to enjoy all those delicious sweets without thinking of the calories they contain? These days there are many tutorials on DIY activities with all health-related topics such as healthy lifestyle tips, workouts to maintain a healthy body, home-made dishes to be in good shape etc.
DO-IT-YOURSELF · 20.08.2018
Coffee tastes the best when it touches the lips which is why I will show you how to make a coffee lip balm today. This week’s DIY activity is not only fun but also super easy and quick to do.

DO-IT-YOURSELF · 28.07.2018
Create the things you wish existed; in this case gelato. As you can recall, we have been discussing awesome gelaterias and true stories around it since the past few weeks. You might wonder what I will cover up in today’s DIY activity, and maybe even think that I will teach you how to make gelatos.
DO-IT-YOURSELF · 07.07.2018
These past few weeks we have discussed the benefits of attending to one’s health through the practice of Acupuncture. But wouldn’t you wish to have some sort of reminders to keep on motivating you while your health problems are being attended to? Also you could take it a notch higher by celebrating this healing process with today’s Do-It-Yourself activity. I will share a fun DIY activity with you which is an excellent source of motivation and can be applied at any stage of your life....

DO-IT-YOURSELF · 16.06.2018
As you might recall, last week’s story focused on Ella’s life-changing experience by introducing yoga into her life to improve her health. And this week we will put yoga into practice by a Do-It-Yourself activity.
DO-IT-YOURSELF · 26.05.2018
One of the trendiest topics these days is Do-It-Yourself as it is convenient and helps us to explore new ways of making things. As mentioned in the previous blog, moods can be altered according to the colors; hence this week I will walk you through one of the easiest and best ways to uplift your mood with the help of colors.

DO-IT-YOURSELF · 12.04.2018
DIY has become very famous these days due to all the innovative and mind-blowing creations people have been coming up with. We not only become self-sufficient but also understand why we create certain items or choose certain colors which are all linked to our emotions. How these are triggered will be discussed in the blogs to follow.