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DO-IT-YOURSELF · 16.06.2018
As you might recall, last week’s story focused on Ella’s life-changing experience by introducing yoga into her life to improve her health. And this week we will put yoga into practice by a Do-It-Yourself activity.
Life has got its own way of teaching us many lessons but what about the true essence of life which is breath? It is ironic how the most important thing in life is breathing and yet it is what we take most for granted. Such is this week’s story highlighting the importance of breath and how one can improve the quality of it through the practice of yoga.

Practice makes one perfect, at least that is what is said. These days there is a lot of focus on natural remedies for good health; people are turning more towards spirituality in awe of so many yogis. But as they say one cannot force himself/herself to do something until that need comes from within.