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Everyone has a story to remember, some pleasant and others tragic. We want the world to appreciate all our efforts and give us the hero tag for all of our experiences and actions. However, how many of us actually have to courage to share our stories with the world?
It was raining heavily that day and all one could see were those dark clouds with thunder covering the beautiful city of Florence. While people were running all over the place nobody noticed a baby’s cry. This baby was kept in a basket and left outside the Santa Croce Church’s door.

Many times in life we do not understand why we crave for certain foods or even when we run away from them. Through the years we have come to understand that these certain foods give us joy or repel us. One such example is gelato that normally gives joy to a person but in today’s story we will explain how it even changed the protagonist’s perspective towards life.
Life has got its own way of teaching us many lessons but what about the true essence of life which is breath? It is ironic how the most important thing in life is breathing and yet it is what we take most for granted. Such is this week’s story highlighting the importance of breath and how one can improve the quality of it through the practice of yoga.

Storytelling is one of the most powerful tools used since centuries that all of us can relate to. Love is the universal power that connects each one of us irrelevant of our skin color, caste, religion, age, social status and any other factor.
Storytelling is one of the most powerful ways to instantly connect people with each other as we all have a story to tell. We all have experiences and anecdotes which we would want others to also know.

We all relate to stories as they take us doing memory lane to when we were small. All those fantasies and fairy tales used to excite us as well as inspirational stories which had a learning lesson at the end. And its a known fact that images can speak a thousand words, so what better way to narrate stories than with images.