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GUEST BLOGS · 02.02.2019
My name is Danielle Martins, I am a transformational mentor, an international speaker and the co-author of the book Rising Up From Mental Slavery - How To Unleash Your Infinite Potential, for which I feel honored to have become a bestseller. It is with a humbled and grateful heart that I can tell you that I love my life!
GUEST BLOGS · 25.01.2019
Confidence is a thought process. It is repetition of your belief and what you feed your mind with. Your mind is divided into 2 parts conscious and subconscious. The Conscious Mind is what is used while awake, it develops thoughts, makes decisions and performs daily functions. The Conscious Mind takes care of the visible, thoughts, emotions, behaviours and activities. Your true power lies deep in the Subconscious Mind which remains untapped.

GUEST BLOGS · 26.10.2018
It seems everyone is boasting how having a positive mindset is benefiting their life. But, what does that mean, and how do you do it? The Myth: Many people think to have a positive mindset means they have to always be super happy and excited about life, NO MATTER WHAT.