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Everyone’s life is filled with surplus amounts of experiences; however one of them which we all can relate to is the experience of fear. The fear of failure, rejection, death, relationships, intimacy, etc. These fears begin at a very young age and materialize as deep-rooted beliefs which hinder our future and make us live in the past.
GUEST BLOGS · 02.11.2018
This week we at Blogashopper are making our guest blog slightly different by having a question-answer approach, so that our readers can enjoy all the advice that Hanna Salazar has to offer. Hanna Salazar is a Canadian motivational speaker who gives valuable insights on how to uplift your life.

GUEST BLOGS · 26.10.2018
It seems everyone is boasting how having a positive mindset is benefiting their life. But, what does that mean, and how do you do it? The Myth: Many people think to have a positive mindset means they have to always be super happy and excited about life, NO MATTER WHAT.
Do you ever wonder why some of your friends hog like pigs and are yet very slim? Whereas, whichever diet you try only gives you temporary results? I have been experiencing all of this since years and nothing seemed to work until I began studying my emotions.

Luca Narbona delivers a nostalgic emotion to people every day through his gelato, Bo Bom Gelato. Luca’s aim is to re-create a joyous, carefree attitude exactly as when we were children; oblivious of our problems and daily duties which is why Bo Bom's motto is "happiness is edible."
Colors play a very powerful role in our lives and keep us attached to certain feelings and memories. The artist Pablo Picasso once remarked "Colors, like features, follow the changes of the emotions."

Why is it that we always have these emotions which we feel make us weak? Is there any way to stop this self-talk that goes on and on within us and drives us crazy? Logically thinking there is no way to stop this self-talk but practically speaking we can control it.
Freedom is one of the two things we are entitled to as our birth right; the other being happiness. Which is why both are correlated with each other. Freedom is a choice which we take in our lives through our actions.

It takes a lot to understand the feeling of happiness as each of us have our own perspectives to it. As stated in my previous blog, everyone’s definition of happiness differs and nobody is right or wrong.