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GUEST BLOGS · 25.01.2019
Confidence is a thought process. It is repetition of your belief and what you feed your mind with. Your mind is divided into 2 parts conscious and subconscious. The Conscious Mind is what is used while awake, it develops thoughts, makes decisions and performs daily functions. The Conscious Mind takes care of the visible, thoughts, emotions, behaviours and activities. Your true power lies deep in the Subconscious Mind which remains untapped.
GUEST BLOGS · 15.11.2018
At Blogashopper, we believe in bringing out the finest of our guest speakers to inspire the world in acquiring noting but the very best for them. We now introduce Ailsa, who is the proud owner of Brains on Wheels, which is her personal blog discussing and sharing her experiences while living with Cerebral Palsy and how it adds value to her life on a daily basis, by spreading its the awareness.

GUEST BLOGS · 08.11.2018
I am Jeff Spires, a High-Performance Coach, Author and online course creator. Day by day I notice that the emotion of overwhelm is growing so I'm here to explain what caused one to be overwhelmed, as well as ways to control it and a very powerful method which I teach to combat overwhelm. 
GUEST BLOGS · 02.11.2018
This week we at Blogashopper are making our guest blog slightly different by having a question-answer approach, so that our readers can enjoy all the advice that Hanna Salazar has to offer. Hanna Salazar is a Canadian motivational speaker who gives valuable insights on how to uplift your life.