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Everyone has a story to remember, some pleasant and others tragic. We want the world to appreciate all our efforts and give us the hero tag for all of our experiences and actions. However, how many of us actually have to courage to share our stories with the world?
Evelyn tried resisting her temptation but it felt as if that chocolate was much stronger than her. It was silly how she could feel as if it was staring at her and calling out to her. She wanted to run away but couldn’t as she sensed that her feet were tied up with a certain pull by that chocolate.

Do you ever wonder why some of your friends hog like pigs and are yet very slim? Whereas, whichever diet you try only gives you temporary results? I have been experiencing all of this since years and nothing seemed to work until I began studying my emotions.
Some call it the silent killer of emotional intelligence while others consider it an emotional and energy booster. I belong to the latter group who cherishes each sip of coffee I have with ultimate bliss. Nowadays, coffee has become a lifestyle and a very happening trend which many people follow.

Many times in life we do not understand why we crave for certain foods or even when we run away from them. Through the years we have come to understand that these certain foods give us joy or repel us. One such example is gelato that normally gives joy to a person but in today’s story we will explain how it even changed the protagonist’s perspective towards life.
One person’s medicine can be another one’s poison, but there are some natural treatments that work wonders on everyone. One of these is Acupuncture, that is said to have been originated around 100 BC in China as an alternative medicine.

Life has got its own way of teaching us many lessons but what about the true essence of life which is breath? It is ironic how the most important thing in life is breathing and yet it is what we take most for granted. Such is this week’s story highlighting the importance of breath and how one can improve the quality of it through the practice of yoga.
Practice makes one perfect, at least that is what is said. These days there is a lot of focus on natural remedies for good health; people are turning more towards spirituality in awe of so many yogis. But as they say one cannot force himself/herself to do something until that need comes from within.

DO-IT-YOURSELF · 26.05.2018
One of the trendiest topics these days is Do-It-Yourself as it is convenient and helps us to explore new ways of making things. As mentioned in the previous blog, moods can be altered according to the colors; hence this week I will walk you through one of the easiest and best ways to uplift your mood with the help of colors.
Colors play a very powerful role in our lives and keep us attached to certain feelings and memories. The artist Pablo Picasso once remarked "Colors, like features, follow the changes of the emotions."

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