As she felt his footsteps nearing her, her heart continued to beat fast. Was this excitement or anxiety that was torturing every breath that she was taking which only he could put an end to? Suddenly she could no longer hear those footsteps so she ran out to solve this mystery. What surprised her was that there was nobody and she was really sure that she heard the doorbell ring and those mystifying footsteps approaching her. She ran to her mother and eagerly asked her who had come to which her mother smilingly responded that it was a new neighbor who was shifting-in next door and just wanted to introduce himself to them. Now the excitement-cum-anxiety built-up even more and she could feel her pulse rate increase. She didn’t know how to react and what to react to as she just had a feeling to which she responded with eagerness. Nonetheless there were many questions crossing her mind such as what was this emotion she was feeling at this moment? Why hadn’t she ever felt it before? And above all who was this new neighbor whom she had missed by a few minutes? She kept on turning restlessly throughout the night awaiting for the morning to come so that she could possibly get a glimpse of him. As a matter of fact she did try to have a sneak peek at the window next door but she failed to see anything beyond drawn curtains.

Next morning she awoke as the sun kissed her soft face to welcome her to a new day. She arose with joy as she was happy that the morning had finally arrived. Quickly she got ready and slipped on her favorite pair of baby pink clothes. Before leaving her room she thought of staring out of the window one last time just in case she spotted him. So she ran to the window and stared but she realized that the curtains were still drawn so she looked down in disappointment. All of a sudden she heard the curtain rings move through the rod and looked up. There he was…finally…a young handsome blue-eyed man who was just enjoying the beautiful sunshine. At that moment she felt as if time had stopped and the only noise she heard were the palpitations of her heart beat. She burst out laughing as she finally felt that the love of her life had arrived. For a second, there was a thought of confusion as it could not be love at first sight but eventually love has no rules. As she laughed with joy he suddenly looked towards her which made her nervous and look away. Then again she looked at him wondering if he continued looking at her. She was happy to know that those blue eyes were still staring at her and didn’t blink even once. Subsequently while giving her a warm smile he just walked away leaving her confused. Disheartened by his behavior she went to hug her mother for comfort and looked at those pink flowers painted into a frame that her parents very fondly hung as a memory of when their daughter as a little girl had painted it. That painting gave her further comfort as she recollected how happy she was when she made it.

After a while, as she was helping her mother in the kitchen while trying to divert her attention from him, the doorbell rang. This time her father opened the door and began talking to someone. She could hear a masculine yet soft voice at the door but chose not to give it any importance. Last night’s footsteps were again audible to her but she chose to ignore them. As she turned when her father called her, she saw him. It was him standing right in front of her again smiling at her. Now she was even more puzzled as she was wondering whether she should reciprocate with a smile or just disappear the way he did. He walked towards her extending his hand for a handshake and introduced himself. As they shook hands her heart skipped another beat and she felt herself blush. He then turned to her father and complimented him that he had a very beautiful daughter and would love to get to know her more. She was shocked out of her wits with his gesture of courage while her father was fuming mad. Soon after that he told the father not to worry as he will never hurt his daughter and will treat her like a princess for the rest of his life.


After seven years, she is reading a love story to her seven year old baby girl. As her cute daughter looks at her with those innocent eyes, she remembers when her mother used to read her love stories. As soon as this love story ended, her daughter questioned her very impatiently, “mama, do you believe in love stories? Are they true?” to which she laughingly replies that if she didn’t believe in love stories she would have never met her father and experienced the true bliss of love.




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